Terms and conditions

The suplier of this website and the information contained on this electronic medium is Concept Alley

By accessing the website found on www.conceptalley.com you qualify as a user. The user status is kept while browsing through the pages of the website mentioned above. In this way, you bind yourself to respect these terms of use:

  • Navigating our web site is not restricted in any way;
  • Filling out the forms on the website is not mandatory but some fields can not be left empty. In this way we will not undertake to provide certain information and if you do not wish to send them, please use the symbol "-" to complete that field;
  • Concept Alley is not the owner of every file found on this website. Some specific sequences within the site are licenced Open Source this means that the user (in this case Concept Alley) has the right to use and / or modify the software package without contacting the author. This beeing said we do not declare the owners of that piece of software. For more information regarding this type of licence, please follow this link and for a copy of the GNU General Public Licence, please follow this link (The content of this pages is in english);
  • The use of images after downloading from our website, copying certain sequences of text or other media elements or files is as stated bellow:
    1. Free for personal use, without it being present on anz type of media (web-sites, papers, magazines, books, etc.), and the transmission of it through network, via web, via ftp, magnetic discs, etc. is strictly prohibited;
    2. Conditioned the prior consent of Concept Alley whether the information will be the subject of any publication, in which case you have to provide the source (www.conceptalley.com), and a direct link to c─âtre our website (for online publications). For the published images will must add within the pictures, or near them, a text containing the company name or this link www.conceptalley.com;
    3. Strictly prohibited for commercial use (the sale of pictures or some explicit sequences of text copied from the pages of our website, media elements or other files), denigrating the name Concept Alley or the services rendered, our customers and / or our connections with third parties.
  • The information, the images, media elements or other files found on this website are informational being offered as they are seen, Concept Alley is not and will be not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted and makes no warranty on how to use them;
  • The information, images, media elements and other files within this site can be decomissioned and / or modified without any announcement in advance only by the administrative staff of Concept Alley;
  • The submitted information, and other files sent by the users will be considered the property Concept Alley (if no other condition has been stipulated by Concept Alley, or a client) without any costs, in this way the user yielding all the intellectual rights on that particular information;
  • Concept Alley will not be charged in case of certain components / complete systems / mobile phones or other means of navigation on the Internet failure, if the event took place while browsing our site, downloading some pictures or media elements, completing certain forms and so on. We cannot be held responsible for any other form of computer or browsing device malfunction;
  • You agree to any other legal action, imposed by Romanian legislation;

Concept Alley reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions prior with a notification on the site.

The last modification took place on June 2nd, 2016