How do banner ads work?

09.12.2019    11:25    Banner ads    Concept Alley

If you want to start a banner ad campaign, but you don’t know how the banner ad industry works, here are a few things you might consider, before you decide what type of banner ad campaign suits your business:

What is a web banner ad?

A web banner ad, is a form of advertising online a business and it has the purpose to promote that brand. This being said, a web banner or a banner ad represents the most dominant form of advertising online and it takes the visitor from a host website to a specific landing page or a website (advertiser's landing page or website).

Banner ads can be categorized in two groups: static banner ads and animated banner ads, depending on the technology used in creating them. For example, static banner ads are usually .jpg or .png files, created with programs like Adobe Photoshop, GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), Paint.NET., Pixlr etc. and it takes the form of an image that contains photos and/or graphics and text. An animated banner ad, is a multimedia item, characterized by dynamic graphics (the images used in creating the animated banner, are changing from a frame to another). This type of banners, are usually designed with Flash, HTML5, etc.

How Does Banner Advertising Work?

The ads appear on all sorts of websites and landing pages, above or below content (this type of banner is known as leaderboard banner) or beside content (also known as skyscraper or square banner, depending on the size it has). 

Regardless of the position, it’s purpose is to get clicked on, to generate traffic to specific website or landing page. So, to keep it simple, you can use banner advertising to:

  • Rise awareness of your brand, or increase customer traffic, either way you can use the ads to grow your brand and for people to start recognizing your business.
  • Sell a product or a service. The scope of online banner ads, is to encourage a potential client, to visit your website and / or to buy the product or service you offer. To ensure that the ad is a real success, it must also be taken into account where it is located (on what website is placed)
  • Announce Specials and Discounts. One of the best ways, to make a profit, is to announce special discounts and offers via banners. For this type of advertising, you have to make sure, that, the discount you offer is changed constantly. Why? Because it creates, in the mind of the possible client, an emergency "buy now, it’s a limited time offer” Therefore, it becomes more open to buy the product offered by you.